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    Yoga Therapy

    Yoga is the art and science of living. Its deepest teachings are intended to be incorporated into daily life. The word Yoga is derived from ancient Sanskrit and means “union” or “oneness”. With Yoga, we aim to unify all aspects of ourselves, bringing our whole being into harmony.

    Yoga Therapy uses specific yoga, breath and meditation practices to achieve targeted results of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. It can be incorporated into Integrative Psychotherapy sessions or taken on its own. Yoga Therapy is at the forefront of body-mind-spirit healing, yet it’s teachings have been passed down by the sages through the ages.

    Kundalini Yoga Therapy

    While there are several yoga traditions utilized in Yoga Therapy sessions, for addressing mental/emotional issues specifically, the technology of Kundalini Yoga is powerful, profound, and rapidly healing. Kundalini Yoga uses codified combinations of physical movements/postures, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, and meditations that work synergistically to activate the body’s own healing and self-regulatory systems to achieve targeted results. Kundalini Yoga elicits profound bio-physiological change, balancing and harmonizing all bodily and energetic systems, particularly respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems, which in turn, directly affect mind and mood.

    Mindbody Medicine

    Yoga Therapy using Kundalini Yoga can alleviate anxiety and depression, help you deal better with stress and conflict, lessen feelings of overwhelm, change your relationship with anger, fear, trauma, and grief, help work with addictions and childhood wounds, improve memory, sleep issues and self-esteem, to name just some of its healing benefits.

    Kundalini Yoga Therapy has been used effectively (and some may say, miraculously) in creating prosperity, improving intuition, enhancing creativity, and cultivating feelings of well-being!

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Time spent going within is truly a gift. Buddhsit mindfulness meditations offers a refuge for self-connection, deep healing, insight and the cultivation of compassion. Meditation helps calm the mind and quiet the ups and downs of our emotional bodies. It becomes a foundation to live our lives with greater equanimity, resilience, connection and kindness, and the ability to be with what is. Meditation practice increases awareness, focus, creativity, and patience, making space for more reflective responses and thoughtful communication. Mindfulness meditation can be incorporated into talk therapy sessions or taken on its own. Included is guided instruction in meditation, breath-work, and visualization. An ongoing meditation practice will help you better navigate life’s challenges and develop a present-moment-centeredness that will enhance your experience of daily living.

    All of our practitioners may include mindfulness and meditation in psychotherapy sessions if desired. Ricki Grater, LCSW, BC-DMT, C-IAYT offers/incorporates Yoga Therapy specifically, and Marnie Herlands, LCAT and Kris Rodriguez, LCAT may also incorporate yogic tools and techniques for relaxation, restoration and well-being.

    What our Yoga Therapy clients have to say:

    “Each Kundalini Yoga Therapy session has been for me a quieting revelation of me to me. The coming together of the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga with the “talking it out” nature of traditional psychotherapy are empowered by each other, resulting in effectively and gently helping me reduce stress, quiet my mind and heal my heart.” –

    Deirdre, mother of 3

    “Doing the daily meditation has eased my anxiety. I feel my head decompress and my energy renewed. Things that had really toppled me over before, I am now gliding through.”

    -Stephanie, producer

    “Practicing Kundalini Yoga has brought awareness to my spirit. As I keep practicing, I feel assured that my inner truth is guiding the choices in my life.”

    -Barbara, writer and artist