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    Wellness Coaching

    Sometimes just what you need is that extra support and know-how to get you on the right track. This may include eating right, sleeping better, exercise, self-care, work/life balance, or engaging more in your spiritual or creative side. It may include focusing on a problem you want to tackle or on a goal you want to achieve, or helping you get through a current challenge.

    Coaching is different from therapy in that we are not going deep into the past or looking for the explanations that may lie beneath the surface. We are dealing with the here and now and making it better. 

    Coaching can also focus on what to do next. Taking one step at a time to blaze your best path. With the help of a coach, creating structure, setting goals, having deadlines, being accountable, can be tremendously helpful in getting you to where you want to be.

    Using art, movement, meditation, visualizations and other mind-body techniques, in addition to talking, homework and action-plans, we will give you helpful tools in creating the present and the future you want to live.

    Coaching can include:

    – Stress Management Skill Building

    – Cultivating & Maintaining Healthier Habits

    – Life Visioning (“Life Artistry”)

    – Partnering in Problem-Solving  

    – Setting and Achieving Personal/Professional Goals

    * All elements of Wellness Coaching can be incorporated into therapy as well.