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    Art Therapy

    Art has the ability to inspire and make us see things in new ways.

    Art Therapy engages the creative source inherent in each of us to express, explore, and process feelings, shift perspectives, and discover parts of ourselves we didn’t know were there or maybe had forgotten. Art-making itself can serve as an invitation to look within, connect to our inner resources, and gain insights into the challenges we may be facing. Art gives us the ability to express symbolically what may be difficult to access in words, or to step back and look at a painful situation in a gentler, less direct way. And sometimes it can actually cut through talking by getting straight to the heart of the matter, leading to “A-ha!” moments. In these ways and more, Art Therapy can be a potent tool when words alone are not enough.

    In our work together, with talk psychotherapy as our base, we have the ability to incorporate various art-making mediums like drawing and painting, photography, collage, clay, or fabrics to enhance and illuminate the therapy process. And with teletherapy, we are discovering new ways to utilize Art Therapy techniques virtually.

    Creativity is not a rare talent; it is a resource we use daily to solve problems, engage in communication, and move forward through life. In fact, many of us already use creative self-expression – like journaling, singing, painting, dancing, knitting, even compiling collections of songs – to get through challenging experiences and cope with painful feelings. Art Therapy is about the process and no formal art experience is needed to receive its full benefits.

    We believe that through fostering curiosity, tapping into creativity, engaging in mindful exploration, within a safe space where you feel heard, seen and met, Art Therapy can enrich the psychotherapy process and aid in healing, reignite joy, and nurture growth.

    Our clinicians, Marnie Herlands, LCAT and Elizabeth Sullivan, LP-LCAT, specialize in Art Therapy. Feel free to contact Marnie or Elizabeth to learn more about what Art Therapy can offer you.

    *Photo taken of a Fire Island sunset, June 2017.