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    What is AEDP?

    AEDP – Accelerated Experiential Developmental Psychotherapy – is a mouthful!

    AEDP is a healing-oriented, mind/body experiential therapy that puts positive neuroplasticity into action in an embodied, boldly relational context in order to treat and transform suffering, trauma and aloneness into connection and flourishing.

    AEDP is somatic, experiential, relational and evidence-based!

    More details:

    AEDP is an empirically supported psychology with roots in:

    • Positive neuroplasticity
    • Affective neuroscience
    • Attachment theory
    • Interpersonal neurobiology
    • Emotionally-focused therapy
    • Somatic psychotherapy
    • Transformational studies
    • Trauma studies and research
    • Mindfulness-based psychotherapy
    • Polyvagal theory
    • Relational psychoanalysis
    • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
    • Contemplative traditions

    AEDP is effective with psychological symptoms from depression and anxiety to emotional avoidance and interpersonal problems. AEDP enhances self-compassion, well-being and self-esteem. AEDP is transformative in nature, seeking glimmers of emergent transformance agents (positive change) embedded in/emerging from the somatic nervous system and imprinting new and different and good ways of being, feeling, living.

    Research has evidenced the effectiveness of AEDP as a therapy with long-term effectiveness.