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    Career Consulting for Dance/Movement Therapists

    With Ricki Grater LCSW, BC-DMT

    Becoming a Dance/Movement Therapist is a unique journey. It’s often a path we are compelled to take even if we don’t know exactly where we’re going or how to get there. But we feel the call. A soul calling. Like dance itself, an impulse we can’t deny or keep stuffed inside.

    From considering that first decision and taking that first leap, to navigating through grad school, agency work, and then maybe something more, it’s all a little daunting and definitely not the norm. We may feel like we have to leave behind all we knew, all that was familiar, and step into the unknown to find ourselves. Support and guidance is hard to come by. And most people don’t even know this profession exists.

    At a certain point you may realize that the untraveled road only forms with each step you take. You may find yourself an accidental pioneer in unchartered territory.

    I’ve been there.

    And I’m here now. Still creating new paths. But getting more comfortable doing so.

    Career consulting for Dance/Movement Therapists is a unique service I offer as part of Grater Therapy Group to help support you as you forge your path. If the above resonates with you, I hope you will contact me.

    ~ Ricki