Counseling in Brooklyn and Virtual
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    Marnie Herlands ATR-BC, LCAT (she/her)

    Psychotherapist, Art Therapist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher

    I have a passion for helping individuals of all ages to heal, grow and thrive. As a registered and board-certified Art Therapist, licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and certified yoga teacher, I integrate somatic, creative, and mindfulness-based approaches with traditional psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral talk therapy to provide a highly supportive and collaborative space, where you can express yourself in a way that feels authentic to you. In sessions together we may primarily talk, but we also have a range of evidence-based somatic and expressive modalities to choose from to deepen and enhance the process. Together, we will discover what works best for you to access what is seeking expression from within.

    I love working with a range of ages from young adults to older adults, many of whom were or are coping with issues related to stress and anxiety, trauma, depression, relationship challenges, self-esteem, caregiving, illness, loss and grief, postpartum complexities, and other obstacles or life transitions. I believe no matter our age, circumstances or past, we all have the capacity to grow and heal!

    I chose the field of art therapy because art is an accessible form of self-expression for many people and can be a platform for communicating emotions even when words may be difficult to find. Art offers us a way to externalize what is happening internally in a tangible way, which can be cathartic and healing. And whether you have art experience or not, the benefits can be just as profound. I also became a yoga and meditation teacher after experiencing how these ancient healing practices help to relax the nervous system, regulate emotions, develop mindfulness and self-awareness, and strengthen connections to self and others. So whether we are talking, making art, gently stretching, or taking an introspective pause for mindfulness or deep breathing, my aim is to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. I continue to be awed by how these somatic and experiential therapies provide clients with  so many “a-ha” moments of insight, tender experiences of self-compassion, relationally engaged feelings of being seen and understood, and both big and small transformations.

    I am offering sessions virtually and look forward to sharing this journey with you!

    Some of my personal passions include yoga, being in nature, photography, time with family and friends, dogs and cats, and learning and experiencing new things!

    “Marnie was incredibly warm and supportive. She immediately made me feel comfortable and safe during sessions, in a space that felt judgement-free, at a time where I was at a low point and feeling really vulnerable. I felt like it was easy to open up about how I was feeling. She helped me realize how often I am really hard on myself, and to cultivate a greater sense of awareness and coping skills. She talked me through a difficult job transition that was much needed, and I feel infinitely better having been able to make that life change. She was always very responsive to my e-mails and flexible with scheduling. I also appreciated the breathing exercises we did at the beginning and end of the sessions to help ground and transition, and exploring art as a therapeutic tool.”