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    Talk Therapy

    We offer individual psychotherapy for adults experiencing a range of mental health concerns and life stressors. Our core values of connection, compassion, and collaboration underlie our approach. All of our clinicians are trained in and guided by the evidence-based schools of psychotherapy that include: Humanistic, Relational, Psychodynamic, Neuro-Somatic, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Trauma-informed, Mindfulness-based and Existential psychotherapies.

    In a nutshell, this means we believe:

    • therapy is your time and you lead the way;
    • a genuine connection between you and your therapist is an essential foundation for deeper work and positive outcomes;
    • the past influences the present and can shed light on what is going on today;
    • the body’s neurobiology and patterned nervous system pathways are an integral part of feeling and healing;
    • patterned ways of thinking and behaving impact well-being and thus can be areas to explore for skill building and meaningful change;
    • there are big-T traumas and small-t traumas and they impact us profoundly in a multitude of ways;
    • learning and practicing mindfulness helps develop curiosity, self-compassion and increased awareness so choices and change can happen;
    • purpose and meaning and the big life questions are part of the human experience and personal fulfillment.

    Our clients

    Many of our clients are adults asking the “who am I” questions. They come to us to explore, express and discover themselves, perhaps for the first time or perhaps as part of a lifelong process. Whether a break-up or a break down, a trauma or loss, being new to New York or feeling stuck in a career, first sent them to therapy, what they all have in common is a desire to feel more authentic, more connected, and to live life with more ease and joy, more passion and purpose.

    Whether you are in a transition, feeling overwhelmed, sad, lost, or grieving, finding yourself overreacting, navigating a relationship, or longing for a sense of belonging — growing, healing, or just maintaining; we want to meet you there.

    We specialize in working with clients with the following issues:

    Anxiety • Boundaries • Communication • Career Direction • Depression • Eating & Body Image • Emotional Regulation • Existential (Meaning/Purpose) • Gender & Sexuality • Identity • Life Transitions • Loneliness • Loss & Grief • Medical Illness • Relationships • Self-Esteem • Shame • Spirituality • Stress • Substance Dependence/Abuse • Trauma/PTSD • Women’s Issues • Work/Life Balance And the intersectionality of any of the above.

    Our experience spans an array of psychotherapy modalities so we can tailor each session to holistically meet your needs and goals. In addition to traditional talk psychotherapy, our clinicians are trained in creative arts therapies and/or bodymind healing arts. And although we list the modalities of Talk Therapy, Art Therapy, Dance-Movement Therapy, and Yoga Therapy separately, psychotherapy sessions are more likely to be an integrated blend. In this way, traditional talk psychotherapy is enhanced and deepened by the power of the creative process and the wisdom held deep within the body. This is Integrative Psychotherapy.

    Integrative Psychotherapy

    At the heart of all our therapy services is Integrative Psychotherapy. We think of Integrative Psychotherapy as a kind of “Talk-plus-plus-Therapy.” That is, we primarily talk, but have the ability to add tools and techniques from art, movement, yoga or meditation. In bridging mind and body, left brain and right, modern neuro-science and ancient healing wisdom, we offer a uniquely holistic approach to therapy to help foster growth and nurture positive change.

    We believe that mental health is about more than just your mind, and that making meaningful change sometimes takes more than just talking. And whether we work from “top down” (talking to feeling to experiencing), or “bottom up” (experiencing to feeling to talking), our work together is always a co-created exploration of discovery. Along the way you will learn many new skills to help navigate life’s challenges and mysteries.

    “Trying different things that are not just talking but also physical, body-based, and more artistic, really resonates with me and helps me to better embody and incorporate the insights I have in my sessions.” -Veronica, data analyst

    Let's work together

    Whether you’ve never been to therapy before or you’re a many year veteran, you’re looking for short-term therapy to focus on issue-specific goals or seeking longer term therapy to transform limiting patterns, traumas and beliefs, or you simply want the support, feedback and reflection of someone there for you each week; we look forward to meeting you and joining you on your path.

    We believe therapy is a collaborative process that unfolds uniquely in the present moment. So every session is tailored to where you are and what you need.

    The future is yours to create! But you don’t have to do it alone. We would love to help. Reach out to us today to get started.