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    Jeanne Clair, LCSW (she/her)


    Navigating the challenges of life transitions can bring up feelings of anxiety, fear or depression, which can feel overwhelming or just plain lonely. Finding the right therapist who can accompany you and make space for all your varying feelings along the way can be very healing, provide clarity and direction, and can lead to profound awareness and growth. Working with clients to help them find their way through tricky waters to come to appreciate all that is present and possible in their life, is my life’s goal and passion.

    Through collaboration and partnership, I help my clients tap into their innate strengths while enhancing coping skills to gain perspective and foster a deeper sense of gratification and well-being. Ours will be a journey of self-discovery as we dive deeply into your personal history to better understand your experience through your unique lens. As our relationship develops, you will gain greater clarity about the strengths that support your growth and the challenges that interfere with your relationships and goal attainment. Through compassionate support, neutral curiosity, respect and empathy, I will help you become more aware of what causes feelings of overwhelm and impulsive reactions, helping you restore the feeling of being in control of your life. I work experientially and intuitively, creating a therapeutic dynamic rooted in trust, reciprocity,warmth and humor.

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist with over 25 years experience, working with clients of various backgrounds, ages and stages of life. Thishas contributed to my ability to view a client’s needs through multiple perspectives,applying previously integrated knowledge to your one-of-a-kind experience. I received my master’s degree from The Columbia University School of Social Work and have attended numerous trainings and professional workshops over the years that have informed my clinical practice. I may incorporate, as appropriate, many therapeutic techniques including DBT skills, CBT activities, EMDR concepts, Mindfulness Practices, principles of Neuropsychology/Brain Development, and Trauma Research as they relate to Attachment Theory.

    I believe every person has a rich, deep and meaningful story that longs to be heard and understood. I look forward to becoming a part of yours.

    I am offering services both virtually and in-person.

    When I am not working you can find me reading, playing on-line Scrabble or spending time with my daughter and our numerous animals, some of whom may find their way into virtual sessions. (animals, that is, not daughter).

    What past clients have to say:

    “I absolutely love Jeanne. She’s a phenomenal therapist and a compassionate human. She’s warm, brilliant, insightful, and she holds a safe space for me to heal and grow. She’s guided me on my journey with her authentic presence and given me the tools to grow in every area of my life. I’m eternally grateful for our time together and for her as a person.”  – Grace, Columbia University Student